Residential Decontamination (immediate)

As New Zealand's premier mould testing specialists at Mould Inspections, we offer a range of non-toxic and non-chemical decontamination methods, carefully selected based on each unique situation. Our approach is comprehensive, prioritizing the safety and well-being of individuals in the environments we service.

We begin by assessing several critical factors. Occupational health is at the forefront of our considerations; understanding how mould affects those in the space is crucial to our process. Next, we evaluate the contents within the premises. Different materials and surfaces react differently to decontamination methods, and we take great care to choose a strategy that is both effective and safe for the specific materials present.

The level of contamination is also a key factor in our decision-making. We tailor our approach based on the extent and nature of the mould growth, ensuring thorough and mindful decontamination. This attention to detail allows us to provide customized solutions that are as effective as they are respectful of the environment.

At Mould Inspections, our commitment to non-toxic and chemical-free methods is integral to our mission of maintaining safe and healthy environments. We avoid harsh chemicals to ensure that the spaces we treat remain free from both mould and harmful residues. Our expertise and dedication to environmentally conscious solutions make us an invaluable partner in achieving and maintaining healthy indoor spaces.


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