About Us

Mould Inspections NZ Ltd is the most accredited and qualified mould specialist company in New Zealand. We have strived to achieve qualifications and accreditation to all levels of service:

  • Mould Testing
  • Mould Assessment Reports
  • Decontamination
  • Occupational Safety Certification

Mould Inspections NZ Ltd was formed to provide solutions for the ever-growing problem of mould in the residential and commercial sectors.
The New Zealand climate provides areas of high annual rainfall and relative humidity along with extreme temperatures in the colder regions. As a nation, we are also paying the price for building to minimum requirement regarding ‘leaky buildings’ and condensation due to lack of ventilation. All of these factors contribute largely to ‘moisture in buildings’ and mould is simply the next phase of the problem.

There are several stages involved in resolving a mould issue. Consequently, our company is structured to provide the complete service covering each stage with an objective of reducing financial cost and often more importantly, time consumption involved in the mould remediation process.

We recognize that a thorough understanding of both mould species behaviour and residential and commercial construction knowledge are requirements to enable a full comprehensive service.

Mould is commonly overlooked and often taken for granted due to its abundance. Over 50% of all homes, new and old, contain mould and there is unfortunately very little accessible knowledge available of its devastating connection to health implications in New Zealand. Online research however shows the USA has documented medical history leading to black mould being listed as a Class 2 biohazard alongside Asbestos. This illustrates the importance of why we should be treating black mould with the respect it deserves.

Several common mould species found in New Zealand are potentially highly toxic causing incurable respiratory diseases. Other commonly found species can be highly allergenic triggering chronic illness with regular flu-like symptoms. Asthmatics, the elderly and infants are particularly susceptible due to faster heart rates, higher metabolism and immature immune systems..

Looking back at the history of New Zealand housing, it is now clear that we have become victims of building to a minimum standard. In hindsight it seems we have traded affordability for our health.

There were over 400,000 homes built in the 1970’s – 1980’s with the majority being uninsulated up to 1978 when insulation became mandatory. Very few of the homes which were insulated would be compliant now and yet we still live in them as they are. These homes are numerous and at a higher health risk.

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We're proud of our story.

When Mould Inspections was launched in 2017, Tim Dorrington was already experienced in the microbial field having been mould testing and studying ‘building performance’ since 2010. Tim had spent 35 years in the residential & commercial construction industry and was aware of mould and associated health issues caused by both existing and new, faulty buildings.

Tim started mould testing buildings in 2010 and the results confirmed his suspicions about the mould epidemic plaguing the nation. He knew something had to be done so in 2017, he attended the Australian College of Environmental Studies and achieved a Building Biology qualification as a certified Mould Testing Technician (BUIBIO605) followed by further internationally recognised qualifications in the specialised field of microbial decontamination. (IICRC – WDR: Water Damage Restoration & AMRT: Applied Microbial Remediation)