Mould Assessment Reports

Commercial Mould Inspections and Reports


We investigate all parameters of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) from building design, construction defect, water damage and general ventilation issues. We asses and diagnose the cause of mould and other biotoxin contaminates. The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is often responsible for asthma, cold and flu like symptoms, memory loss, brain fog and varying complaints from hair loss to skin irritation.

Bio toxins and mould have now been linked to Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, MS and Alzheimer's and even gynaecological and gut problems. Our various forms of scientific investigation and lab analysis may assist in the identification of these triggers.

Building related illness can sometimes, but not always, be recognised when your symptoms improve after leaving the property for a few days. So, if you have mould or water damage in your property and/or suffering from a building related illness then you may require our services.

This is the starting point of all recognised assessments. In this we establish the basic criteria of historic or current damage. The survey will identify most likely causes and effect and point towards the most beneficial sampling and investigation areas. The objective is to assess possible routes of exposure.

The survey includes:

  • Discussion on health issues and reason for survey
  • Walk through to assess building/design defect
  • Lifestyle and possible building related health issues
  • Ventilation and IAQ generally, air exchanges and/or air pathways
  • Thermal imaging to assess dew point and condensation/insulation issues to building envelope
  •  Dust and particulate levels to assess dilution and source
  • Water damage both historic and current
  •  Building and construction defect including DIY alterations
  •  Biological risks and hazard assessments
  • Conclusions and recommendations in an easy to read report. This will explain risks and hazards and provide steps to reduce or rectify the damage and potential contamination issues identified.

Please note: If you are experiencing health issues, we recommend you add Air Sampling for Mould Genus to the above to identify any airborne mould spores and areas of concern regarding hidden mould.

in 7 children have asthma
in 6 have a respiratory disease
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