We provide mould testing, reporting and decontamination services for commercial businesses throughout New Zealand.

Commercial and industrial properties are required to provide an acceptable standard of air quality for staff and occupants.

With liability and Health & Safety currently at an all-time high in NZ, occupational safety certification is the most effective and undisputed method of assurance.

Toxic mould inhalation can cause incurable respiratory diseases and break down the immune system so the safety of occupants, staff and remediation tradesmen in a commercial environment alike is a priority. Once mould is discovered, a specific safety procedure can be provided to ensure a safe level of air quality for occupants.

Every case is different but a typical procedure would involve laboratory testing, recommended decontamination plan specific to the species and levels identified and safety certification on completion of final testing.

Mould in your workplace, including black and toxic mould, can seriously damage the health of those in the working environment. Certain mould species can break down the immune system and lead down a path of ongoing illnesses, allergies and auto-immune diseases.

These are all symptoms commonly related to microbial growth:

Skin Irritations
Sore Eyes
Sore Throat
Nose Bleeds
Memory Loss
Respiratory Infections

mould testing
mould testing