Residential Mould Testing

Embark on a journey to a mould-free residence with Mould Inspections, New Zealand's pinnacle of expertise and the most highly certified mould inspection company. We stand as a beacon of reliability and precision in safeguarding your living spaces from the detrimental, often unseen threats posed by residential mould.

Offering a comprehensive suite of laboratory mould testing options, we assure compatibility with every budget, providing methodologies including Tape, Bulk, Swab, Air, ERMI, and HERTSMI tests. Every procedure is undertaken with utmost diligence and expertise, ensuring that your home is scrutinised under the most apt and precise mould testing lens, personalized to its unique needs and challenges.

Upon meticulous property assessment, our adept residential mould testing technicians guide you towards the most appropriate testing method, ensuring our investigative processes are as thorough and accurate as possible. This intentional, tailored approach ensures that every corner of your residence is meticulously examined and safeguarded against mould infestations.

For the ongoing wellness and mould resilience of your residential properties, we ardently recommend the use of Microfix products. These proven solutions serve as your home’s shield against recurring mould threats, ensuring a sustainably healthy and safe living environment in the long term. Embrace a future where every breath is clean and safe with Mould Inspections, where your residential wellbeing is our utmost priority.