Residential Landlord Safety Reports

Mould Inspections NZ is dedicated to enhancing the safety and reliability of rental properties throughout New Zealand, providing a crucial service in the form of residential landlord safety reports. Our comprehensive services are specially designed to provide landlords and property managers with the utmost assurance regarding the condition of their properties, fortifying them against the pervasive issues related to mould infestation.

In our diligent approach, a mould decontamination Producer Statement is furnished, acting as a solid declaration of the property's condition post-decontamination activities. This statement is not only a testament to the safety of the property but also serves as a robust document affirming the effectiveness of decontamination efforts.

If needed, a final laboratory test is conducted following the decontamination process. This ensures and confirms that the property adheres to undisputed occupational safety levels, safeguarding both landlords and tenants against potential health risks associated with mould.

These documents serve as invaluable tools for landlords and property managers, particularly concerning liability coverage. Moreover, during tenancy disputes, having an assured, verifiable account of the property’s safety levels via our reports, provides peace of mind and a solid footing for landlords and property managers. With Mould Inspections NZ, navigate the complexities of property management with confidence and assurance, ensuring a safe living environment for all.



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