Ongoing maintenance

Remove illness causing Mould and Mycotoxins from your home

EC3 products are designed by an ENT physician that specialised in treating mould sickness

  • Removes spores and Toxins from air and surfaces*
  • Safe, Botanical.
  • Proven effective.
  • Non-Toxic
  • Satisfaction guranteed

*Tested and proven by independent laboratory

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The Whole Home Starter Kit


Remove mould around the clock with the EC3 Whole Home Starter Kit! This kit contains everything you need to begin cleansing your indoor air, surfaces, and washable items of mould and bacteria.

This bundle includes:
EC3 Air Purification Candles - 3 Pack
EC3 Laundry Additive
EC3 Mould Solution Spray

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EC3 Air Purification Candle/3-Pack


Our All-Natural Air Purifying Candle Reduces Mould Counts and Mycotoxin Levels in Indoor Air - Contains Botanical Ingredients in Soy Wax and No Added Fragrance
Mould is a contributing factor in many long-term health problems. As mould grows, it releases spores into the air that are easily inhaled through the nose and mouth. Once breathed in, mould can cause allergic reactions, inflammation, and infection. A high mould count in your environmental air can lead to sickness and can prevent healing. Breathing clean air is important for good health and quality of life. The EC3 Air Purification Candle is a simple way to control mould spore levels in the indoor air. The heat from the burning wick aerosolizes the natural botanical embedded in the soy wax. The wax has no added fragrances to avoid inflaming the chemical sensitivities common in sinusitis sufferers. Each candle will burn for approximately 13-16 hours.

Key Features and Benefits:
Fast acting - Easy-to-use
Natural botanicals embedded in soy wax
Designed to work with EC3 Mould Spray
Part of a complete system for managing indoor mould counts
30-day satisfaction guarantee
The candles are designed to work with other EC3 Products to help maintain a healthier indoor environment.

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EC3 Mould Solution Spray


EC3 Mould Solution Spray is an all-natural, botanical surfactant that treats indoor environments for mould and mycotoxins. Highly effective and ready-to-use, EC3 Mould Solution Spray is safe for all materials, surfaces and fabrics, with no harmful chemicals.
This product is safe for all materials and designed to treat mould and bacterial contamination on all of your hard and soft surfaces including, floors, walls, furnishings, clothes, shoes, car interiors, and even pets. The spray works on contact and thus, can only treat the areas where applied. It works best when used frequently to maintain healthy mould levels and to prevent a general build-up of mould in your home, office or car.
We recognise using potent chemicals like bleach will eliminate mould and mildew discolouration with initial contact; however, bleach does not penetrate porous materials. Bleach removes mould on the surface but its water base penetrates porous materials and actually continues to feed the mould. The hyphae (roots) will eventually grow back. To treat discoloured grout or tile, it is recommended to use EC3 Mould Solution Spray with some form of scrubbing or high-pressure spray or steam for best results.


EC3 Laundry Additive


Add EC3 Laundry Additive to every rinse cycle or directly to the wash basin to rinse away mould spores, bacteria, and foul/musty odours from clothes, towels, and your washing machine.
EC3 Laundry Additive rinses away bacteria and mould spores that get trapped in your clothing and other fabrics that regular washing alone doesn’t eliminate. Stop wearing mould on your clothes and carrying it with you right under your nose, wherever you go.
Going to bed each night with mouldy sheets and pillowcases can cause allergy symptoms and poor sleep quality. Night sweating and the shedding of dead skin cells also contribute to mould growth in linens and pillowcases. EC3 Laundry Additive tackles this problem and also removes odours from musty and sweaty gym clothes. When sweat meets bacteria and/or mould on your skin or clothing, putrid odours result. Unfortunately, people often mistakenly try to use fabric softener to eliminate these odours but doing so only adds chemical fragrances and masks the problem. Clean is actually the ABSENCE of smell. EC3 Laundry Additive gets your washable fabrics clean by rinsing away the mould and bacteria that create the odours in the first place.
Maintain a Mould-Free Washing Machine:
EC3 Laundry Additive helps maintain a clean and odour-free washing machine, especially high-efficiency front-loading machines. Front loaders can trap residual moisture and fabric softener, fostering a mouldy environment after each load. Clean your clothes, linens, and washing machine with EC3 Laundry Additive and improve your health.