Mould Inspections provide house mould testing, reporting and decontamination services throughout New Zealand.

Navigating the Hazards of Residential Mould

Even with comprehensive guidance available for both landlords and tenants on the MBIE Tenancy Services website, residential mould remains a pressing issue in New Zealand, perpetuating numerous health complications due to subpar air quality and mould infestations. Especially in the rental market, the alarming presence of toxic variants like black mould not only jeopardizes structural integrity but also significantly endangers health, with particular risk to vulnerable demographics such as the elderly, infants, and asthmatics.

Committing to Healthier Homes Through Rigorous Mould Testing

As New Zealand’s most reputable mould inspection company, we deliver meticulous house mould testing, comprehensive inspections, and precise reporting, relentlessly working towards establishing safe and mould-free living environments for all occupants. Our team of experts proactively identifies and mitigates every potential mould-related risk in homes, ensuring the holistic wellbeing of residents.

Upholding Safety Standards for Landlords with Certified Reports

We are dedicated to enhancing the safety and reliability of rental properties throughout New Zealand, providing a crucial service in the form of Residential Landlord Safety Reports. Our services are specially designed to provide landlords and property managers with the utmost assurance regarding the condition of their properties, fortifying them against the pervasive issues related to mould infestation.

Recommendations for Environmentally Responsible Decontamination

In our mission to develop safe and healthy living conditions, Mould Inspections proudly recommends a suite of non-toxic and non-chemical mould decontamination methods. Our solutions not only prioritise your health but also adhere to environmentally responsible practices, ensuring a comprehensive, sustainable approach to mould management.

In every endeavour, Mould Inspections is steadfastly dedicated to mitigating the harmful impacts of mould across residential properties, thus promoting a secure, healthy, and congenial living environment for all inhabitants.

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