Residential Inspections and Reports

Mould Inspections NZ Ltd is New Zealand's leading expert in combating the pervasive issue of mould in homes and businesses. Our country's unique climate, marked by high rainfall, varied humidity levels, and extreme cold temperatures, creates ideal conditions for mould growth. This problem is further exacerbated by the prevalent issue of 'leaky buildings' and inadequate ventilation in many New Zealand properties, resulting in significant moisture accumulation.

Understanding the critical importance of indoor air quality, Mould Inspections NZ Ltd specializes in thorough mould inspections, testing, and comprehensive reporting for residential clients. Our services are particularly vital when the source of microbial growth is unknown. Our primary aim is to accurately identify the root cause of mould and provide a detailed remediation plan. This plan not only addresses immediate mould removal but also offers strategies for ongoing air quality management, ensuring a healthier living or working environment.

As the most accredited and qualified mould specialist company in New Zealand, we take pride in offering targeted solutions. Our approach is comprehensive: we not only test the air quality but also treat, clean, and manage it to prevent future mould issues.

Our commitment extends beyond mere inspection; we focus on creating sustainable, mould-free environments. This dedication to excellence and health makes Mould Inspections NZ Ltd your trusted partner in maintaining a safe and healthy indoor atmosphere.


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